Why Holidays Are a Great Time to Sell


When it comes to real estate, the ideal time to sell your home often falls in the spring months. After all, many people hunker down during the winter months or are too busy with the holidays to think about purchasing a new home. But listing your house for sale around the holidays has its benefits. You will be dealing with serious buyers who are ready to pull the trigger. BPF_holiday-house_exterior_nighttime_curb_appeal_consistent_stopping_points_branches_h.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960

Studies have shown that homes listed during the holidays can sell faster than homes in the spring can, and they can also command more money. In the spring, inventory usually picks up, but during the holidays, the options are more limited, meaning a homeowner can ask for more money.

Anyone who is shopping for a new home around during the holidays are more than likely going to be serious buyer. This is because people who aren’t serious about purchasing a home quickly, are not spending Christmas Eve looking at a house, they will be with their friends and family. Chances are, the buyer will not be wasting your time for kicks.

Homeowners who put their home up during winter have a great advantage. They can give their home the “homey” vibe that appeals so much to buyers. They can put lights up, have a fire lit, and have the home smelling of pine needles. Homebuyers are also more likely to be emotional during winter months, which will add a little to impulsivity. It is usually at the end of the year when a person is notified they will be getting a job transfer. These people need homes fast so that they can begin the new year with a place to live.  christmas-wreath-christmas-tree-and-fireplace-1440x900

During Christmas, for example neighborhoods are decorated with lights. Wreaths may be placed on lamp poles up and down the streets; this season is a major advantage, because the neighborhood will look and feel different. A buyer may feel more open to the idea of a specific neighborhood that they may have initially avoided.

If a home closes on Christmas Eve, a homebuyer can deduct the mortgage interest, property taxes and interest costs of the loan. The tax deductions can be significant and could prompt a home buyer to move during the holidays.

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Why Holidays Are a Great Time to Sell

2 thoughts on “Why Holidays Are a Great Time to Sell

  • June 28, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    Will the market be much different in the spring? it is only three months away. Will dropping the price now be a good idea? If I put it back for sale in the Spring can I raise the price back to what it was if I drop it now?

  • June 28, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    No, you should NOT take your home off the market. It has been proven in statistics that homes DO sell in the winter. Most people make the mistake of waiting till spring only to lose those serious buyers that could have bought their home. If they are out there in the the winter months looking, they usually are serious.

    As far as dropping the price, how fast do you need to sell? The longer a home sits on the market, the more the price goes down. If you drop the price and then raise it up again, this seldom works. The buyers agent will be able to tell on the history of the price on that listing. It is important to price it correctly in the beginning, then it will sell.


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